About the Journal

When the National Congress of Internal Medicine was held in A Coruña in November 2008, Galicia Clínica began a new phase. A year before, the Galician Society of Internal Medicine had acquired the head of the journal and from there, an extensive modeling was designed with the aim of upgrade its contents and its presentation, so that it would create an effective aid in high-quality decision-making in the patient point of care.

A new structure with new sections was created. The number of collaborators increased and the magazine has been provided with a comfortable web support. We believe that for improving, it is necessary to change and take advantage of new opportunities. That doesn't mean we have to forget the past, just the opposite. The journal was born and kept with remarkable quality and acceptance rates for 80 years, thanks to the extraordinary work of its founders and a large number of Galician doctors.

We should declare our admiration and respect for your work. Hopefully, we can maintain its level of delivery and dedication for many more years. We would like to point out that although the journal is coordinated by a medical specialty, its contents are dedicated, as always, to Galician Medicine. Its pages are open to everyone because only together we will be able to offer Galicia well-trained professionals practicing a qualified medicine.