GaliciaClinica - Official Journal of the Galician Society of Internal Medicine (SOGAMI)

Current Issue

Vol. 84 No. 4 (2024)
Published February 6 2024

Galicia Clínica is the journal of the Galician Society of Internal Medicine. Its mission is to inform the scientific community, especially in the area of healthcare, of the research work conducted by medical specialists, promoting research activities, healthcare training, mutual knowledge and collaboration amongst professionals.

Originals Works

Jose Manuel Cerqueiro González, Josep Masferrer Serra, Maria.Asuncion López Soto, Manuel Jesus Nuñez Fernandez, MAria Begoña Valle Feijoo, Jose.Carlos .Trinidad.Sanjose, Jose Lopez Castro, Rubén Baldomero Puerta Louro, Elena Fernandez Bouza, Emilio Casariego VAaes (Author)
Long-term evolution, and influential factors, of patients admitted with NVAF in the Internal Medicine services of Galicia.
PDF (Spanish)
Catarina Negrão, Carolina da Silva Alves, Rita Sismeiro, Leonor Boavida, Ricardo Paquete Oliveira, Sofia Furtado, Marta Jonet (Author)
The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on New Active Tuberculosis in Hospitalized Patients
PDF (Spanish)

Clinical cases

Beatriz Lacruz Escalada, Jesús Ibañez Olcoz, Jesús María Elizalde Eguinoa, Joao Modesto Dos Santos , Julio Sánchez Álvarez (Author)
IgG4 related disease in a patient with a history of gastric MALT lymphoma: a great diagnostic and treatment challenge
PDF (Spanish)
Blanca Sanchez Galindo (Author)
Infectious proctitis due to Streptococcus Pyogenes and Chlamydia Trachomatis. About a case.
PDF (Spanish)
Joana Marques Dias, Carolina Cabrita Abreu, Ana Grilo, Fernando Martos Gonçalves (Author)
Multifocal spondylodiscitis and meningoencephalitis due to Staphylococcus aureus in an immunocompromised patient
PDF (Spanish)
juan sebastian theran leon, laura Yibeth Esteban Badillo, Luis Andres Dulcey, Gabriel José Arenas Peña , Karen vanessa oliveros Araujo (Author)
Hepatic toxicity by fingolimod
PDF (Spanish)

Medical Images

Ana Raquel Costa Afonso , Joana Urbano (Author)
Skin lesion of the thigh as a metastatic expression of breast neoplasia.
PDF (Spanish)
Carlota Quiroga Fernandez, Miriam Dorado Gómez (Author)
Apropos of a case: Purple urinary bag syndrome
PDF (Spanish)
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